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Basic Japanese Customs

Many know Japan as a nation with an excellent cuisine and modern technology. More importantly, though, it is a nation with a rich culture and seriously rooted unique traditions. Before you decide to go on a trip to Japan, then, it' s best to learn about Japanese tradition, starting read more

Learning Japanese by Following Your Learning Style

Whether for business or pleasure, lots of people choose to become fluent in a 2nd language, and learning Japanese being a second language is becoming more and more well-known. There are many reasons why you might decide to study Japanese. Maybe you would like to take full advantage of an read more

Why You Should Learn Foreign Languages

Language is a form of communication among people. With language, we are able to understand each other. However, only knowing one language limits us to understanding the culture of the people whom speak exactly the same language. Thus, there are always benefits to learning foreign languages. read more

Why You Should Know How To Speak And Write In Japanese

In today’s world, Japanese is becoming more and more important. It is almost impossible to work your way into this world without knowing even some Asian languages. The reasons for knowing Japanese become stronger every day. People who know this language get a competitive edge over read more