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For Learning French, Nice Is Nice And Paris Is

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If you want to come to France to vacation or to learn French, you can go to Paris. It' s a lot of money of contradictions. Noisy, grandiose, unclean, pompous, rude in that special city cocktail that the French have concocted all by themselves.

Or you can find another city. Like Nice around the Mediterranean coast. In Nice, sunlight shines, the waves break softly on the sands that lie prior to the city, you can find food that has the very best of both French and Italian cooking and people smile.

Do you think I am biased? You wager! But then I consider that I possess good reason to be. Everything about Nice pleases me, from the balmy climate (they have snow about as soon as every hundred years, so if you want to provide skis, make sure they are water skis) towards the town with its small winding roads in the old quarter and the background of the French Alps.

And they have more time. How, I do not really know. You would think that everybody gets the same ration of time plus that' s all there is into it. But compared to the frenetic pace within Paris, its traffic jams as well as the surges of people in and out of the funds morning and afternoon, Nice is really a city at peace with by itself.

You can put your own French lessons to good make use of and meet local people who have additional time to engage in conversation with you. You can browse the markets and walk down to the restaurants that range the quays of the port with out feeling that Parisian pressure in order to "get on and get out".

Nice. Is this an accident that Nice is nice Paris is, well, just… Paris?

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